Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Faves

It's been a bit quiet around here, I know. I'm hoping to knock out a BUNCH of outfit photos on Sunday so that I'm well-stocked for the coming weeks. Most of my life outside of the workplace is consumed by beading lately, but I figure that if I'm enjoying it and don't feel like stopping long enough to do some blog-related work, why force myself?

With that now said, here are my favorite things from the past week:

Some rocker mamma action from Kelsey:
(image from Snappy Casual)

Awesome purple pants that I would love to have in my closet:
(image from On The Racks)

A comfy and classy outfit:
(image from Wendy's Lookbook)

Incredibly rad patriotic shorts:
(image -- and a DIY -- from What I Wore)

A purse that I hope a certain sailor will get me for my birthday:
(find on Etsy)

My favorite pin of the week:
(original post here - I think I'm going to start following this blog!)

Happy almost weekend!

xo, Kellie

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