Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blog Crush: What I Wore

(Image from What I Wore)

Jessica over at What I Wore is the ultimate style blogger. Her actual occupation is blogging, how cool is that? She keeps it simple with only outfit posts and clothing-related DIYs and doesn't weigh her blog down with recipes or "woe is me" posts (both of which I am guilty of!).

Outfits from WIW are probably some of my most-pinned images, and Jessica is one of my favorite style bloggers to turn to for inspiration. Her style is timeless, she does a fantastic job of incorporating current trends into an already-existing wardrobe, and I'd say that a good 90% of her posts are outfits that I myself would wear!

Most of you are probably already familiar with What I Wore, but if this is your first time hearing about Jessica's blog, I insist you head over there. Now. 

You're welcome.

xo, Kellie

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