Monday, March 12, 2012

Promise Kept

BCBGeneration necklace - TJ Maxx (buy) / bracelet - JC Penney (buy similar)
shirt - Harley Davidson (buy) / jeans - Forever 21 / boots - Blowfish

Over a year ago Matt dropped $50 on a super-cute Harley Davidson shirt that just sat in my closet, tags intact. I promised him I would wear it the first time I went to a bike rally with him, but every time a rally came up, I conveniently had to work. He went down to Bike Week in Daytona Friday night and was planning to stay until Sunday, but him and his buddy decided to cut their trip short on account of hangovers and low funds. Matt suggested returning for the day on Sunday morning, but I was kind of on the fence. While he was outside on the phone I thought to myself "hmm, how bad could it be? And there's an outfit opportunity involved here, too!" So I got dressed and took outfit photos all before Matt realized that I had decided to go. The look on his face when he saw me dressed and ready was cute.

Some Instagram snaps from throughout the day:

(click on an image to see it larger)

1 & 2: Getting ready to ride out. The hair ties throughout my ponytail were a good idea, prevented me from having to tear knots out of my hair later. 3: A beauty of a spelling error spotted while hunting down a leather jacket. (To my vegetarian friends: There was some serious guilt involved in the process of buying my jacket, but in the end comfort and safety outweighed ethics. My boots are still vegan, promise!) 4: Things that start with the letter 'B': Bible, beer, body shots, Bike Week ... 5: Doing the "old lady" thing at a bar called the Dog House just prior to a wet t-shirt contest. That was interesting. 6: Having a beer and watching bikes cruise by. 7: My not-so-glamorous riding getup. I don't get how some of these girls come riding in scantily clad and with their hair completely in place. I look like a bank robber because I tie a bandana over my face to keep dirt from getting ground into my pores! 8: Riding down the main stretch on our way out.

There's a chance we might return next weekend, and I'm already scheming another cute biker outfit in my head. I'll be sure to share as soon as it makes an appearance!

xo, Kellie

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