Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Tax Return Shopping List

My shopping habits have drastically improved since I started blogging about clothes. I'm much less of an impulse shopper than I used to be, I often go clothing hunting with a specific item in mind, or I consider how pieces that I am trying on will fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. All of that sensibleness goes out the window when I have more money than I am used to, however. When I saw that my tax return had been deposited into my bank account yesterday morning my first thought was "do I have time to go shopping before work?" My heart started racing, my face heated up, and my brain screamed "LET'S GO SHOPPING!"

I'd like to tell you that I quelled this shopping monster and went on my merry way to work, but I actually got dressed, took my outfit photos and posted my blog entry yesterday with enough time to pop into the Navy Exchange and buy that Coach perfume I've been coveting and a new pair of sunglasses. At least both of those items were things that I was planning to buy, right?

Anyway, in an effort to prevent myself from buying every single piece of clothing that I can get my grubby hands on, I have made a list of items that I want to add to my closet. Here's a few of them:

1. Colored trousers. I've already got my burgundy pair from Zara, but I still feel like I'm missing a brightly colored pair of work-appropriate trousers. I'm thinking either green or pink.

2. Nude heels. I feel like these are one of those items that every girl should have in their closet. And I think they'll go perfectly with the blue lace dress that I bought last week!

3. Black blazer. I don't even know how many months it's been since I started looking for the perfect cropped black blazer. So far it has eluded me, but it's only a matter of time before I find one!

4. Calvin Klein striped dress. If you're a fan of us on Facebook you probably saw my post a few days ago about my dilemma over whether to buy this Calvin Klein dress or a Shelli Segal lace dress. I ended up buying the lace dress, but I still want this one, too, if it's still available.

5. Gingham shirt. I feel like this is another one of those closet essentials. I tried on a Ralph Lauren gingham shirt the same day that I tried on the above-mentioned dresses, so I'll be keeping an eye out for that guy when I return to search for the Calvin Klein dress!

Once I'm done at work and Jess is done playing with her new friend (OMG!), we're off to the mall (malls?) for some E&O shopping. We'll report back soon with our finds!

xo, Kellie

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  1. I like the gingham shirt you've got posted a lot more than the one you tried on! -Jess