Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blog Crush: Design Love Fest

(Image from Design Love Fest)

Just two days I go I happened upon Design Love Fest when it was mentioned as part of Kelsey's "Thursday Favorites" over at Snappy Casual. I am still in the process of reading Bri's blog because I am determined to read it start to finish, but so far I am two months in to her daily posts and have been so inspired by the beautiful, creative work that she does.

When I first started browsing DLF I went straight for the style posts and read through all of those. Then I went back to page one and just started reading. Bri has an amazing eye for design that is fresh, interesting and ahead of the trends. I get a sneaking suspicion that a lot of the amazing design I see in blog land may have originated from her brain and been recycled by other bloggers. Bri's use of bright, punchy colors and her upbeat posts have already put a spring in my blogging step, and I have already been inspired to start tweaking elements around here on E&O. I am by no means a trained designer, I have only dabbled in Photoshop and In-Design and the only HTML I know is from tweaking my MySpace profile templates back in the day, but DLF has made me want to keep improving things to the best of my ability and not just settle on a look that's just "okay."

Thank you, Bri, for making the internet a bit more joyful and a whole lot prettier!

xo, Kellie

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