Thursday, January 19, 2012

Whether the Weather,
Whatever the Weather

I don't know what's up with my faces; I need modeling classes or something.

I think only native Floridians can cope with the insane fluctuations of the weather here in Florida. One day you're in shorts and a tank top, the next day you need a scarf and leggings. The only thing you can do is embrace the temperature and wear an outfit you love, because you may not get a chance to wear it again.

Today I'm bouncing around town with one of my best friends, Bekah. She and her hubby David are about to welcome a little girl, Alice Jane, into the world and I thought I'd treat her to an early birthday mani/pedi (seeing as how she can't reach her feet). Aren't they cute?!

 Her sister-in-law Gianina is joining us, a girl who has one of the most enviable, effortless styles I've ever seen. I always get inspired when I see her outfits, so hopefully I'll get some ideas. 

I'm going from our play-date to a three-hour class, which always begs for a comfortable outfit, and this Old Navy sweater and my trusty Express leggings (I own at least 7 pairs of these) are guaranteed to keep me cozy. Steve Madden flats, my late grandfather's watch, and the necklace Kellie gave me for my birthday top it all off. 

Cheerio!! --Jessica 

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  1. I have serious outfit envy right now. You look so comfy and cozy! -K