Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Water Need Not Apply

(Image from Bella Sugar)

I have a lethal hair combination, it is both baby fine and oily, requiring me to wash it nightly, and to wash my bangs again every morning if I'm keeping them short. Like Jessica, I have been longing for a dry shampoo that would keep me from having to wash my hair every day without looking like an unwashed, stringy-haired bum.

For quite a while I was using Salon Grafix dry shampoo, and the main reason why I was using it for so long was because it didn't work well, so I seldom utilized it. Well, I finally ran out of the stuff a couple of weeks ago and I promptly headed to Target to find a new product to try.

The pickings were a bit slim at Target, I'm sure I would find more options at a beauty supply store, but so far John Frieda products haven't let me down -- I used both his flat iron and his Heat Defeat spray and love both of them -- and the price tag on this Volume Refresher dry shampoo spray was appealing. For the past week-and-a-half now I have been washing my hair every other night instead of every night, and it has been wonderful. Here's a quick breakdown of my review of this product:

- The bottle is small, it seems to run out after three or four uses
- It leaves a white powder behind that requires a good deal of rubbing to get worked in

- The price is worth washing my hair half as often
- The smell is pleasant
- It actually works

All in all, I think I will continue to buy this product. I may still look around for other dry shampoos, mostly because this one runs out so quickly, but for the time being I plan to just stock up with a couple of bottles on my next trip to the store.

Anyone else have a dry shampoo they absolutely love?

xo, Kellie

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