Friday, August 26, 2011

Internet Woes, Continued

Internet continues to elude Matt and I. We were supposed to have it set up by this weekend, I went as far as purchasing the cable modem and running out of work the first chance I got yesterday to head to our leasing office and get it set up. Alas, it looks like we won't have it until next week, so my plans for riding out a stormy weekend off with a Netflix marathon have been dashed. Guess that calls for some retail therapy, eh?

This outfit is from Wednesday, I won't lie and say that I wore it today. I actually wore an outfit today that I have already blogged because I knew I wouldn't have time for photos in the morning. Does anyone else cheat their system this way? My top is another dress tucked into a skirt, or perhaps more of a tunic tucked into a skirt. I rescued it from an old roommates "going-to-Goodwill" pile a few months ago and finally found a way to wear it!

Happy weekend, see you next time I jump online!

xo, Kellie

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