Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girl Crush: June

I decided to start a monthly tribute to a girl (or a group) who, for whatever reason, is just amazing. Whether it's for being innovative in some sense, charitable, or a standout in her field, I want to recognize a certain girl for those talents. 
Kellie and I are constantly molding our blog and forever learning from all the other fantastic fashion bloggers out there. So since June was such a transitional month, I had to dedicate last month's Girl Crush to the girl whose blog, to me, was the most inspirational, helpful, and just downright cool. Kendi of Kendi Everyday has given me so many outfit ideas and the courage to step even farther outside my fashion comfort zone. Her 30 for 30 Remix has been a challenge, but definitely worth it. Not only that, she seems like a very down-to-earth, gracious lady, and interested in her fellow fashion blog community. Not to mention, her thrifting abilities are enviable!
All in all, I'm so glad Kellie discovered Kendi, and I check in on her blog from time to time for suggestions and any fashion revelations (I have a salmon skirt just like hers, I'm always looking for ways to match it). 

July's to be posted soon; a hint--tweens!
Make a point to say thanks or acknowledge a great lady in your own life, be it your mom, grandma, best friend, or supermarket checkout lady. 
--Jessica Sunshine

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