Sunday, June 19, 2011

One day, two outfits.

My non-best-friend Scotti was in town this weekend, and we made very good use of our time together on Saturday. We hit up the Avenues Mall in the afternoon and I am proud to report that I have still resisted buying any clothing, despite our trip to the two-story Forever 21. I did, however, finally track down a camel belt at Wet Seal! Keep an eye out for it in one of my remix outfits.

I made my denim shirt debut at the mall in a Mossimo button-down that I picked up on sale at Target for $13! I paired it with my Urban Outfitters corduroy shorts, a belt that came with a Forever 21 dress, and my brown Volcom flip flops. I accessorized with a few of my handmade macrame bracelets. (I don't have them listed on my Etsy, but if you see something you like or would like a similar bracelet in different colors, leave me a comment or email me at I also wore my sweet purple faux Ray Ban shades that my boyfriend tracked down on a stop in Greece during his deployment. I'm hoping they make another stop at that port so that he can find me another pair!

Later on we met a few other folks at La Napolera and then headed downtown to a couple of bars for drinks. I wore my black button-down tank from Wolfgang with a plum and black bandeau bra from Metropark underneath it for a pop of color. I returned again to my Forever 21 statement necklace, I'm really glad I've rediscovered this piece because for a while I didn't wear it. Ever. I also returned to my favorite World Market bangle. I kept things simple on the bottom with my dark wash Gap skinny jeans and black flip flops. 

Naturally my night ended at the Pearl where everyone was sporting custom name tags made by the door guy. Mine said "Silly Jewelry Posting Woman." I guess the fellas just don't appreciate the excessive posting of my wares on Facebook.

In 30 for 15 Remix news, I decided to make an executive decision and switch out one of my black cardigans -- that I have not yet worn! -- for a teal cardigan. In retrospect it was silly to include two sweaters in the same color in my 30 items.

Hope everyone had a nice, relaxing Father's Day!
xo, Kellie


  1. Yay Scotti time! I very much like outfit #6, uncharacteristic and quite nice :) -Jess

  2. I'm glad you said that about the denim outfit, it's definitely out of the norm for me! But I saw the shirt on sale and thought it was cute and figured 'hey, I can work with this!' :) -K